Finding Your Flair: 8 tips to define your own style

If you’re looking to stick out of the crowd, defining your own style is an absolute must. Sinking into old trends or following new ones isn’t always enough to keep you standing out. Clothes are an amazing way to express yourself and it can feel liberating owning a unique style. To help you get on the right track, we’ve got together eight of our top tips to help you define your own style. 

Don’t try to please everybody

First things first - pleasing everybody will get you nowhere when it comes to defining your own style. While listening to your mate’s opinions should be important, always leave that final decision up to yourself, without being swayed into wearing or buying something you dislike. 

Search for inspiration

It’s simple - the more time you spend searching for new designs, the more inspiration you’ll find to create a unique style. From Pinterest boards to Instagram, there are plenty of places to take some fashion inspiration from. Don’t just focus on one category of fashion either - you may find something you adore in a style you’d never expect. 

Chi Chi London Inspiration

Stay consistent with different styles

Throwing on totally different styles every day won’t help you craft a look that people will recognise as your own. Of course, different occasions call for different looks, but keeping a consistent thread throughout all of them is a great way to create a style unique to you.

Complement your assets

Complementing your own body with the clothes you wear is an important part of defining a style that suits you. Running after a shape or sizing that doesn’t fit can make a big difference to your overall look, so wearing something that complements your body is a big stepping stone. Remember - fixing your attention to your weight or size can distract you from defining your style.

Stay fashion literate

Trends come and go, but while defining your own style is all about you, it’s important to keep an eye out for the new waves of fashion. Staying fashion literate can open up a whole new world of styles and help you keep in touch with the newest designs. Our New In section is the perfect place to find all those hot new looks. 

Watercolour One Shoulder Puff Sleeve Mini Dress in Burgundy
V Neck Puff Sleeve Floral Midi Dress in Red

Refresh your wardrobe

Ultimately, styles don’t change unless you give the wardrobe a reset. Whether you shake things up in one go or buy new clothes gradually, we suggest going through your wardrobe bit by bit and deciding which clothes can go and stay. Saying goodbye to well-worn clothes might be tough, but freshening things up will help you define your style.

Stock up on the essentials

No matter which style a person chooses, the basics are always the same. The core foundation of your wardrobe shouldn’t be complicated - plain tees of various colours, neutral jumpers and simple jeans can be the perfect canvas for your new style. These basic clothes are great for mixing and matching too.

High Neck Animal Print Jumper in Cream
Broderie Trim Knitted Jumper in Black

Make mistakes

It’s ok to make mistakes! When you experiment with new styles and designs, it might even take your friends by surprise. However, experimenting with various looks is the best way to find the perfect look. Yes - you’re going to make mistakes, but it’s worth it in the end. 

What are you waiting for? Whether you’re redefining yourself or evolving from previous looks, defining your own unique sense of style can feel truly freeing. Take a look through our complete collections today to find something perfect for your tastes.