Dopamine Dressing

Jump in on the hottest trend and inject your autumn-winter wardrobe with statement colour coats and knits. Going into the colder months is not always the best thing to look forward to; shorter days and commuting in the dark is NOT a vibe... but this designer- and research-approved mood says adding bright colours into your clothing could make us happier! 

There is scientific research between our madness, we promise. Our bodies produce Dopamine, which our nervous system sends around our nerve cells. It has so many functions involved in reward, motivation, memory and attention. Especially when released in large quantities, we feel a sense of pleasure that emphasises us to repeat that behaviour. For example, you grab yourself the shirred maxi dress in pink and you feel incredible in it, empowered by the colour and the fit, so you wear it when you want to feel good about yourself.  

Long Sleeve Shirred Maxi Dress in Pink

Green with Envy, no more 

Feel rested and calm at work in either a silky satin duo, a chunky knit dress or a puffer jacket to keep you warm. Either way, green evokes a feeling of abundance associated with refreshment and peace, rest and security.  

Long Sleeve Satin Shirt in Green
Long Sleeve Corset Style Top in Green

Energised in Orange 

Orange is classed as a high-energy colour, often used in sports teams’ uniforms and mascots. Orange enhances a feeling of vitality and happiness. Like red it attracts attention and will make you feel empowered, but has a slightly more balanced feel to it. What better way to feel like a bosswoman than in your orange Combie Coat. 

Ruched Mini Skirt in Orange
Double Breasted Crombie Coat in Orange

Flirty and Feminine 

Pink is another colour that is often associated with being calm, typically linked to love and romance. Often seen as ‘girly’, we’re taking this to mean a good thing, no scrap that the BEST thing. What’s wrong with being a little bit girly and emanating a little bit of fabulous femininity? Bring all the girl power with grace and kindness in the teddy coat in blush.  

Teddy Coat in Blush
Plus Size Long Sleeve V Neck Floral Print Dress in Pink

Just-loves-it-all kind of girl 

Can’t choose one single colour? Settle for a multitude of them, in a super soft knit in a gorgeous floral print in the Abstract high neck jumper and matching midi skirt.  

Dark Floral Print High Neck Knitted Midi Dress in Multi
Abstract Floral Front Knot Split Knit Dress in Multi