Chi Chi Explains: What is a bodycon dress?

Trends pop up and disappear at the drop of a hat in the fashion world. Flashy 70’s flares and clashing colour patterns from the ‘90s are just two examples of fashions that have come back around. However, one invention that has stayed chic is the bodycon dress. Not only did the dress have an extremely successful few years when it first appeared in the ‘90s, but it also remains hugely popular three decades later. So - what is a bodycon style dress?

A bodycon dress is a piece of clothing specifically designed to tightly hug your body. Most bodycon dresses are created with elasticated materials, allowing the dress to conform to your body shape. This gives you the opportunity to accentuate your curves, show off your figure and grab that feminine confidence by the horns.

Maxi Party Dress with Bardot Neckline in Purple
Bodycon Lace Midi Dress in Green

Don’t worry though - bodycon dresses are definitely not reserved for girls with perfect body shapes. The word ‘bodycon’ is actually shorthand for ‘body confidence’ and nobody should feel uncomfortable wearing them. If you’re going to wear a bodycon dress on those big nights out, there’s no reason you shouldn’t be bursting with confidence.

Another reason bodycon dresses have kept a consistent popularity over the last three decades is their mix and match versatility. Whether you add earrings, bracelets or a necklace, jewellery can apply another dimension to the simplicity of a bodycon dress. A smooth, neutral black bodycon also goes perfectly with a chic belt, adding colour, texture and some more spotlight on your curvaceous waistline. 

Bardot Bodycon Party Dress with Peplum Design

We’ll be honest - a bodycon won’t be the warmest dress you’ve ever worn. Fortunately, adding a cool coat or jacket to your look is a no-fuss option on those drizzly days. Why not take the opportunity to add some colour to your outfit with a bright or contrasting jacket? On the other hand, bodycon dresses are gorgeous on a sunny day and balmy summer nights. 

Women don’t come in one size. Everybody has their own unique figure and you might feel that bodycon dresses can be slightly unforgiving at first. With some mixing and matching and a build up in confidence, you’ll be shocked at how versatile bodycon dresses can be. 

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