Cardi Combos: How to match knitwear with your outfit with flair

Comfy, warm and undeniably stylish, knitwear effortlessly fuses a traditional vibe with a glowing contemporary charm. If you’ve never added some knitted textures to your wardrobe before, the autumnal season is the perfect time to do so. To help you nail the look, we’ve got together some of our best ideas for matching knitwear with your outfit. 

Leather trousers

We know what you’re thinking - it can be tough to pull off leather trousers. Don’t let that put you off though, because a leather trouser look paired up with a gorgeous knitted jumper could be the style that sets you out from the rest. Perfect for the autumn months, black leather trousers have the ability to balance out the otherwise informal knitwear look, making them ideal for those fancier drinks out during the day. They don’t have to be black either - white leather will contrast with a chic black knitted cardi.

Green Jumper with leather Trousers
Longline sleeveless Knitted Jumper in Tan

Bold colours

Red, green, pink or blue - sometimes colour is just what’s needed when you’re trying to switch up your look. Whether you have a neutral or colourful, knitted top, knitwear works wonderfully when matched up with some bright and bold colours. As it’s the autumnal season, bright browns, yellows and reds could be the ideal choice when spending time outdoors in nature with friends. For us, it’s either go bold or go home.

Roll Neck Rib Jumper In Orange
Ruffle Balloon Sleeved Knitted Jumper In Green

Loungewear looks

Just because you’re spending the day in front of the tv doesn’t mean you shouldn’t add some extra flair to your knitwear look. Our knitwear collection has an abundance of forward-thinking modern designs that can keep you looking chic even during those rainy autumn days. This roll neck jumper loungewear set is one of the picks of the bunch, providing your casual look with a chic flair.

Roll Neck Knitted Jumper in Camel
Roll Neck Jumper Loungewear Set in Grey


Whatever you do - don’t forget to accessorise! While you may pass off knitwear as a casual, informal look, those small additions to your overall look will make a whole lot of difference. Hair accessories are a great place to start, offering you the opportunity to make your look even cuter. On top of that, jewellery can play a big role in adding some flair to your outfit, with a wide range of rings, earrings and necklaces levelling up your look. 

Gemstone Encrusted Hair Piece in Silver
Gemstone Drop Earrings in Silver

There you have it - our top cardi combos for the golden season. If you’re interested in adding some of that unique knitwear to your wardrobe, take a look through our fashionable collection for more today.