5 Unconventional Wedding Themes We Can’t Get Enough Of

Whether you’re looking for inspiration for the big day (private Pinterest board and all, we see you!), or you’re just intrigued to see what unusual wedding-goers there are out there, then keep reading… 


1. Festival

Festival Wedding
Festival wedding

If you’ve been to a festival before, it’s likely you had a lot of fun, minus the showering situation that is (or lack thereof). A festival themed wedding in this case seems like a no-brainer: great music, food stalls, and a Big Top tent to walk down the aisle in. If it were us, we’d even send out entry wristbands instead of invites for our guests!  


2.UnderThe Sea  

Under the Sea Wedding
Under the sea wedding

If you’ve always dreamed of flipping your fins as a mermaid, maybe this is the theme you’ve been looking for. Granted, this one would require rather deep pockets to pull off, but we can’t deny how spectacular it looks! Although imagine accidentally locking eyes with a passing-by shark as you say ‘I do’. One to tell the grandkids…  


3. Fairground

Fairground WEdding
Fairground Wedding

Step right up, step right up! For the thrill-seekers and adrenaline junkies out there, a fairground-themed wedding might just be the perfect idea. Think of all of the fun that could be had riding the dodgems, taking a trip down the helter-skelter, or just relaxing with a drink and some candyfloss. We’d definitely love an invite to this one.  


4. Fairytale 

Disney Wedding
Cinderella Theme Wedding

If Cinderella has taught us anything it’s that we’d all like to feel like a princess at least once in our lives. (Also that glass slippers are very uncomfortable.) Imagine arriving in a horse-drawn carriage, a live orchestra playing all in a beautiful rustic setting… this one really does sound like a dream come true.  


5. Harry Potter

Harry Potter Theme WEdding
Harry Potter Theme WEdding

You didn’t think you’d make it through this list without us showing you how a wedding set in the wizarding world could look did you? Enlisting the help of the sorting hat could be a clever way to get people to their seats, not to mention the fun to be had with wax-sealed wedding invites in Hogwarts typography. The Potterheads in the office loved this one (obviously) but we really do think, fan or not, it would be hard not to marvel at the magical theming. 


If you had to pick one of the above themes, which one would you choose? Or do you have some adventurous ideas of your own? Let us know!