5 easy updos for your next formal event

Nothing says sophistication like an effortlessly elegant updo, but they’re often more complicated than they look. In our eyes, a classy updo is the key to dressing up any outfit, formal or otherwise. So, to help you out, we’ve brought together our favourite updo styles that are both simple and easy, even though they look anything but. 

Elevated Low Ponytail 

Ponytails are every girl’s staple for a bad hair day, but they can also look stunning when they’re done right. Curling or waving your hair before you start is a great way to give your look volume, but a low ponytail also works with straight hair for a mega sleek look. We recommend pinning some of your hair over/around your hair band, to disguise it and give the base of your pony some volume. This trick also effortlessly upgrades your look from just a ponytail, to a glamorous updo. 

Double Effect Low Bun 

The little sister of the low ponytail, there’s not a lot of occasions a low bun doesn’t work for, and with this double bun trick it’s sure to become your go-to hairstyle. By simply making a half bun and wrapping the excess hair around and tucking it into your hair band, you create an elevated bun look to go with any outfit. Fluff the resulting bun for a messier look or keep it all tightly tucked for a sleek look. 

Milkmaid Braids 

So simple yet so effective, intricate braids are in this season but, thankfully, they aren’t as difficult to execute as they look. For this chic style, simply braid your hair into two plaits (one over each shoulder) and then pin these plaits over your head. You can hide the end of each braid under the other and pull edges of the braids slightly to give them a little volume. It’s really that simple, to pull off a look that will have everyone asking where you got your hair done.

High Twist Bun 

This is one of our favourite looks this season because there’s so many ways to elevate it. The basic version: create two bunches, twist each bunch individually, then twist together and pin for a complex looking bun in seconds. If that’s too easy you can do the same thing with braid, fishtail braids, or add some french plaits in, for effortlessly chic formal updos that look way more complicated than they are. Add a diamante hair clip and brings some flair to any outfit.

Windswept High Bun 

There’s no denying that a high bun is a classic, and with the help of a few artfully placed curls it can be the perfect choice for formal events. Making sure you have plenty of texture and volume in your hair before you start is the key to getting a full looking bun, and always be carefully when teasing your twist into the desired shape. A few curls falling from the bun and around your face, will ensure your look appears effortless and glamorous.