5 Easter Friendly Activities For An Egg-citing Weekend

Your Easter weekend doesn’t have to be bland if you don’t want it to! We’re here to make it as eventful for you and your loved ones as possible. Whether you’ll be spending it indoors or catching some sun, (fingers crossed) here are some ideas you can’t miss… 

Scavenger Mayhem 

Now you know we couldn’t put this blog together without a good old traditional egg scavenger hunt. think back to how excited you were as a child when you found that very last egg. Staying in with the family and hiding one in the washing machine? Make them suffer! Enjoying the outdoors and dumping one in a bush? Good luck to everyone. 

Easter Egg Hunt

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Brunch Babes  

Ask anyone what the best part about Easter is, and they’ll probably say an scavenger hunt, no matter their age. But one should simply not hunt on an empty stomach! Let’s just pray to the  weather gods that they’ll come through with some sunny spells. Make some tasty treats, grab those glasses of bubbly and host your very own picnic brunch. 


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Golf the days away 

Fancy a quick fun-packed getaway? Say less – the Celtic Manor Resort welcomes you and your family for a luxury overnight stay at their gorgeous Resort Hotel where you can golf till you drop! It’s an Easter escape you can’t miss with fancy dining too. Psst! A little birdie told us there’s a spa too, but you didn’t hear that from us. Have you started packing yet? 

Celtic Manor Resort

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Eggquisite décor  

We know you’ve still got arts and crafts skills in you from your school days, so why not revive it with a cheeky egg décor session? With hundreds of ways to design your own egg, we can’t think of why you would want to pass this activity… unless you’re too chicken.  

Decorating Eggs

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Make Me Up 

Boldness and pastels are the colours to look out for this spring! This is your sign to attempt Easter- inspired makeup looks with your besties! So long as your promise not to get any foundation all over your new carpet. And if you mess up your face, well…it’s the taking part that counts. 

Make Up

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