4 Tips for a Better Night's Sleep

With the busyness of day-to-day life, having a calm and relaxing evening routine is something which lots of us want, but struggle to achieve. Whether it’s scrolling through Instagram till the early hours of the morning or making a mental to-do list for the next morning – switching off is hard. Here are four tips that might make nodding off a little bit easier!  

1. Sleep Spray  

An easy way to set the scene for a night of deep and undisturbed sleep is to relax with the scent of lavender or camomile as you dive into your duvet. Spritzing your bedding with one of these fragrances, amongst others, calms your body and mind. With each breath, the aroma slowly begins to naturally lull you into a slumber. The Deep Sleep Pillow Spray by thisworks is cruelty-free, vegan and 99% natural with notes of lavender, camomile and vetivert - make this your new favourite cocktail for a better night’s sleep. 



2. Headspace App  

One way in which your phone can help you fall asleep rather than hinder it is by using a meditation and mindfulness app. Headspace was created by a former monk and a stressed-out advertiser who came together to create an accessible way to start the journey of meditation. Taking a few minutes at the end of the day to reflect and focus on your breathing allows for a clearer, less fogged mind when getting into bed, which can only improve the quality of your sleep. 



3. Silky Pyjamas  

Slipping into a pair of luxurious pyjamas not only helps you to remain cool during the night but also helps you look gorgeous whilst you doze, and who doesn’t want that! Here at Chi Chi we offer a vast collection of nightwear pieces that are just waiting to be picked for a night in with you. Whether you prefer a cami top and shorts combination or long-sleeved top and matching trousers, we have something for everyone!  

Floral Print Satin Pyjamas In Green

4. Silk Bedding  

But what is the first three tips for better sleep without perfecting your choice of bedding? If you’re going to invest in a great night's sleep, it is important to have bedding that can act as the foundation to all the added extras. So before you spritz your new lavender spray or slide into bed with your new silky pyjamas, your bedding choice will also impact your night ahead. Silk bedding, especially pillowcases form a cooling place to rest your head after a long day. They are also known to help with hair damage, keeping your skin hydrated and are super cute at the same time!  


Hopefully, by combining the four suggestions above, you can have a calmer, deeper and more relaxed sleep and can leave counting sheep to the farmers! Sweet dreams!