Layer Up: Six ways to layer your dress this autumn

The summer sun has been and gone - it’s time to look ahead to a carpet of leaves underfoot and greyer skies overhead. The cooler weather that autumn brings means a change to your wardrobe as well. Here are six ways to layer your dress this autumn.

Try a turtleneck 

A lovely way to keep your dress cute (and keep you warm in the cold) is to wear a plain turtleneck top under your dress. Opting for block colours such as black, white or grey means you can apply this trick to any dress you like! Plus, it will make the colours in your dress pop, even during a grey autumn day. 

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Go thigh-high

Sexy, chic and practical - thigh-high boots are a must-have for this autumn. You can walk all over this look in a few ways - pair it up with a midi-dress and jacket combo or why not try it out with a simple shirt dress and belt outfit!

Be open to a shirt

If you’re leaving the house and you can’t decide between a jacket and bare arms, be open to a shirt instead. Rocking your favourite button-up shirt with a dress underneath is a modern and cute outfit for the autumn season. Feeling fashion-forward? Experiment with alternative prints and colours to stand out from the crowd.

layering shirts

Go big with your jumper 

Our opinion? When it comes to jumpers, the bigger: the better! Wearing an oversized jumper with a dress is always going to be comfortable and cute. The jumper will create a flowing skirt vibe and if you venture indoors, simply take it off to show off your dress in full.

little black bomber

It’s getting to the time of year to put away the LBD and get your LBB out of the wardrobe. That’s right, the perfect way to layer up a dress this autumn is the little black bomber. Just like a little black dress, a satin-style little black bomber is a classic that can be paired with anything.

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Trench yourself

An all-in-one fashion solution for the coming season is to pair your dresses with a full-length trench coat. If you’re on a night out, you can brave a mini dress in the colder weather and a midi dress with a trench coat is ideal for being out and about this autumn.

layering shirts

Layering a dress for the autumn is an ideal way to keep your summer vibes and keep yourself warm in the colder weather. Follow our six fashion tips above and we’re sure you’ll make the transition with style!